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Adding a new task

To add a new task, simply write the name and select the date using the form under the daily calendar.

You can also add a new task by clicking on one of the days in the calendar or on the heading of the day. This way the date will be set to the one you selected.

Editing a task

Simply click on a task, and in the tooltip select EDIT. The form under the calendar will change so you will be able to edit your task.

Move a task

You can also move tasks between the days in the calendar using our drag and drop feature. Simply drag a task from one day to another.


At the bottom of the app there are 3 types of lists. These lists will show you the upcoming tasks (divided into 3 sublists: today, this week and in the near future), completed tasks and tasks that were not completed in time.

Keyboard shortcuts

Use the forward key to browse future days.

Use the back key to browse previous days.

Use the T key to jump back to today.

Use the D key to open completed tasks list.

Use the U key to open the upcoming tasks list.

Use the L key to open uncompleted tasks.

Options: Account

You can edit basic account information. We use this data just to say hello. For now we don't need your email address, we might use it in the future to set up your mobile acces. The timezone is used to set up the calendar.

Options: Provider

Here you can view your login provider. In the future we might add the posibility to add extra providers and delete others.

Options: Export

You can download all your data in iCalendar format (the tasks are stored as VTODO elements), download or import your data for Google Calendar (as the tasks are saved as VEVENT) and use the upcoming tasks feed to stay up to date with your to do list directly from your feedreader.

Options: Import

You can upload iCalendar files and we will try to import your data. Only task elements will be imported (VTODO).

Options: Terminate account

If you're not happy with IntuDo, you can always delete your account. We will delete all your data. Nevertheless, we hope that you will enjoy your stay. :)